Attending Our 39th Different Bowl Game Since 1984!


  • Closest Game - 1985 Holiday Bowl

    Arkansas kicks a 37 yard field goal with 21 seconds on the clock to defeat Arizona St.

    Biggest Upset - 1991 Fiesta Bowl

    Louisville, who was a 9 point underdog, defeats Alabama by 27.

  • # of Inaugural Games - 8

    Arizona Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl, Music City Bowl, Mobile Bowl, and New Orleans Bowl.

    Last One's to See - 4

    Blue Bonnet - 1987, Micron PC - 2000, Seattle - 2002, Silicon Valley - 2004

  • Defying All Logic - 1990 Copper Bowl

    In the 1st quarter, with the ball on his own 40 yard line with no score in the game, Coach Paul Roach's decision to go for it on 4th and 1.

    Best Bowl to Attend?

    It could be this next one if you get us a ticket, buy us a beer, offer us a meal, etc.